Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ultimate Goals

Plant Life should become a Sim-Tree game in which you live through the Life of a plant, growing and acquiring resources to grow. Upon reaching sexual maturity, you can produce a flower/fruit to move on to the next generation.  In-between generations, you will be able to spend earned Credits on plant upgrades such as solar efficiency, water efficiency, branch carrying capacities, and roots water gathering abilities.  Credits should also be able to purchase Plant-Add-Ons such as thorns and specialty structures like "Potatoes", bulbs, and Insect-Repelling-Lasers which will serve as Water or Sugar storage tanks, or defensive/offensive plant weaponry.

As you upgrade your plant with each successive generation, you can shape what kind of plant you become. A giant Sequoia would need massive Water Carrying capacities to pump water from the roots to leaves 100 meters up while a low lying thorny vine may survive by spreading along the ground.  

As for gameplay, each round starts as a Seedling with a certain amount of stored nutrients.  Using these nutrients you have to grow faster than your neighbors in order to capture sunlight and have room for your roots before being shaded out and left to die.  Once you have established your seedling, your goal becomes reaching adulthood. Properly growing and trimming your plant for maximum efficiency.  Late game will be supplying your flowers/fruit with their massive energy requirements in order to produce the next generation. The better your generation, the more upgrades you can buy for your offspring.  I may add an In-Game purchase of these credits for casual gamers to Fast-Track it to Domination, but the goal of the game should be incrementally making a Imaginary plant in the way you want it!

tl;dr Plant based RPG/Tokyo Jungle

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