Tuesday, May 7, 2013

1: May 7th 2013

Plant-Life is a Simulation-Game being developed for Android and iOs. Its Development will be as carefully blogged as I can manage with Nightly/Weekly updates to the Web-Player as long as Mouse Input continues to function.

Once mouse-input is replaced by Touch, the free Alpha will move channels to Android's Play Store.

Plant-Life is being developed by me; A recent UW graduate with too much time on my hands! Feedback is welcome through the comments, and I am always looking for ideas for improvement! Please check out my previous (and First Ever) game GenEric Platformer for Android! It is Free, but there is a $1.50 Donation-Version that really helps me out! It has a .04% donation rate! Find it here: Play Store Listing

And now, a link to the game!


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