Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Current Version of Game

Instructions:  Grow your plant however you want. Currently just a TOY!
Controls: WASD moves camera, Click a LimbNode to view its stats and Upgrade/GrowLimbs from it
Speed Controls on the LEFT control flow of time. Calculations are complete in any speed!
If your branches are showing Blue or Green it means they NEED Water or Sugar respectively.  If they are Normal Brown, they are fully stocked!

TIP: Your plant should fully refill with water during the Night and Convert that water to Sugar in the leaves during the Day! It is a daily back and forth of Nutrients!

TIP:  1 Sugar = 31 E(ATP) A cell that runs out of ATP will downgrade, Cashing in Structure to maintain Energy. When it reaches level 0 again it dies.

-Changelog May10:
-Leaves now "track the Sun" by adjusting their angle to its while in it!
-Branches and roots now auto level up till lvl 40, however, their branch widths have been reduced to account for the higher average levels
-Roots Water Generation is now tied to their "depth"(how many Nodes away from the stem they are)/5
-The Day/Night cycle has been standardized to 200 Pulse Cycles meaning a root with 1 H20 generation will make 200 water in 1 day, and each living cell will consume 200/31 = 7ish Sugars per day. Standardizing the Number of Pulses per day was nessesary to properly Balance the game. Now I can work with set Totals as opposed to complicated ratios
-ChangeLog May 11:
-Began Adding Tree-Wide stat tracking. Now in the top right you can see your Maximum Water production per "Pulse" as well as actual Sugar produced last "Pulse".  Now, it takes 6 water to make 1 sugar(6CO2+6H20 + Sunlight = Sugar)(Photosynthesis 101), but max production matters because at night photosynthesis shuts off and respiration takes over.  ps, 1 Sugar = 31 ATP + 1 Water
---Probably no work done for the next day due to Mothers Day---
ChangeLog May 16th:
-Changed the Camera Movement, now zooms in when you click a node, zooms out when you click off of a node. Needs tweeking further, but gives the game a nice feel.
-Fixed some bugs and Reduced code base ALOT. Removed "Downleveling" to be replaced by eventual "Wither and die" 
-Leafs now have an image... 

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